Motion against emergency planning powers

CB City Councillor Linda Eisler (Greens) is putting up a motion on this Tuesday at Council meeting to point out Community concerns about the emergency planning powers.
If people/groups can email / contact their Ward Councillors asap to state their concerns, it would be helpful.


That Canterbury Bankstown Council acknowledges the impacts on the community, on business and on employment brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. We also recognise that the NSW State Government has needed to respond with extraordinary legislation to assist the community to stay safe and aid with their economic safety.
Canterbury Bankstown Council acknowledges that the amendments to planning legislation have given the Minister powers that include overriding all Council conditions of consent.
The NSW State Government has indicated it is proposing to implement further changes to planning legislation in order to fast track development and zonings. We request that NSW State Government consult in and open and timely manner with Council before putting amendments to the Parliament.

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