About us

Canterbury racecourse action group (CRAG) is local, not-for-profit community group dedicated to preserving the green space that makes up Canterbury Park Racecourse.

The Canterbury Racecourse Action Group (CRAG) was formed by residents who live around Canterbury Racecourse. We came together when, in January 2018 we learned of a Development Application (DA 8910/1997/A) that sought to have the 1.3Ha grassy car-parking area bordered by Princess and King Sts (Area 6) decommissioned in preparation for a large residential development.

As a group we aim to:

  • Oppose the approval of DA-8910/1997/A
  • Oppose and fight the piecemeal sell-off and development of Canterbury Park Racecourse
  • Oppose and fight any development of Canterbury Racecourse which will adversely affect the lifestyle of residents who live in the adjoining suburbs and the enjoyment of all those who love going to Canterbury Park for the day and Night Racing family events


Canterbury Park Racecourse is a 35 Hectare horse racing venue in Sydney’s Inner West. It has been in almost continuous operation since about 1850, is rich in local history and provides a large natural open-space that offsets the hard urban lansdscape surrounds.