The Canterbury Park racecourse is more than just a sporting event  fixture to the people of Canterbury and surrounds, it is the thing that started the city of Canterbury and much influenced its development, right up to the present day. The old saying that “all roads lead to Rome” can much be applied to the Canterbury Racecourse in those early years, for not much else except the Course and all the supporting businesses  and industries and those people working in them accounted for the district of Canterbury and yes certainly all roads did lead toward Canterbury Racecourse once.

In this section we will present some of the more colourful history associated with the racecourse and try to show how much heritage value can be attributed to our Canterbury Park.

The historical information in this section in taken mostly from the two excellent writings,

They’re Racing at Canterbury  by Lesley Muir, Brian Madden,   and

“The Essential Club – A history of Sydney Turf Club” by Gary Lester

 Photos care of the State Library of  NSW.